Monthly Archives: May 2009

cracked – illustration friday


The theme this week for Illustration Friday is “cracked.”  Eggs and things breaking came to mind first, but then I thought about the sad story of Hungry Bot.  Hungry bot is normally one of the nicest robots around.  He had been on a low-car diet for several days, and finally cracked due to the temptation of so many tasty cars and trucks.  In his defense, the local freeway did look like an all you can eat car buffet.

I’m having a huge sale right now on my original watercolor paintings in my Etsy Shop.  Also, my Zazzle shop is full of wonderful summer t-shirt designs.  I’m trying my best to develop my art and design work into a full time job, so if anyone needs some wonderful illustrations, art, or design work please let me know.  I would like to thank everyone for visiting, and for your support and encouragement.  Have a wonderful week.

contagious – illustration friday


With all of the horrible flu and virus stuff going on right now, especially in the news, my thoughts initially turned to negative ideas for this weeks illustration friday theme “contagious.”  My negative thoughts were soon pushed aside, when I thought about how someone can have a smile that is contagious, or that laughter can be contagious.  Happier notions prevailed, and I produced this happy little robot.  The color palette was influenced by thoughts of food for Memorial Day, and a fresh produce stand that I noticed a few days ago on the side of the road.  The farmer had a truck overflowing with watermelons.  I’m not sure where they came from since, it should be a little early in Tennessee to harvest watermelons.  Whether food, robots,art, friends, or family bring happiness to you, find something that makes you happy, and let your happiness be contagious. 🙂

popsicle parade – illustration friday


The illustration friday theme this week was “parade.”  My mind often takes fun turns, when I start drawing.  I thought about all of the typical parades, with floats and bands, but with the warm weather approaching, my thoughts turned to summer time parades.  The summer heat reminded me of the fun popsicles we enjoyed growing up, whether it was from the freezer or the crazy ice cream van in the neighborhood.  Have you ever wondered what goes on in your freezer, when the door is closed?  I know it probably just something that I think about.  I imagined a freezer full of parades and fun.  How else could a popsicle make you so happy unless they were fun loving themselves.  I was able to catch a quick snap shot of the party in my freezer.  I hope the image brings a smile to your face, because it was certainly fun to create.  Have a wonderful day full of imagination.

hierarchy – illustration friday


The theme for Illustration Friday was “hierarchy.”  I will admit this one gave me a little trouble.  I thought about my usual birds on tree branches, but really wanted to do something different and to challenge myself a bit.  I’m a big fan of Japanese art, animation, and culture (hint to Japanese package/design artist representatives and agents).  I was looking at a new mechanical pencil that I wanted to buy from Japan, and was reminded of how wonderful their package designs are, because they very often have cartoons on them.  Anyway , the thoughts of Japanese product design collided with an MP3 player, music players of old, and my art to produce the image above.  My imagination is a happy place, so the music players old and new get along great and just enjoy good music together.  Go get your music player, turn on your favorite music, smile, and have a wonderful day.