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Playing with DoInk

Here is a look at the frame by frame or composition interface of the iPad app, DoInk.

DoInk user interface

Below is the quick test of the Doink animation app for the iPad, and youTube I don’t think you can grab a more pixelated and rough looking poster frame(my apologies if you fix this later). This animation used the simple frame by frame method, but the app also has key frame based animation tools. The app was very easy to use and a lot of fun.

This cute little skull was happy in life and now happy in the afterlife.

Time-Lapse Robot Painting

I’m working on a commission painting of a robot and decided to use the Brushes App on the iPad to create a color study. One of the really cool things about the app is the ability to play back your drawing. There is something kind of magical about watching the creation of something.

Here is the final image.

Robot Heart - iPad Finger Painting

have a wonderful day

A simple animation I created with Animation Creator HD for Apple iPad. I thought I would try out animating on the iPad.  It is not as powerful as Flash or other animation software, but it is not bad for a version 1.0 program running on the iPad(there is also a version for the iPhone).  I would like to see it have layers and a way to resize items, but it was easy and intuitive to use.  Be warned that YouTube is sometimes stopping the animation before the circle erases itself completely. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

career day animation

Here is the short bird animation that I created on Career Day, after I ran out of the drawing paper I was using with my handy Sharpie marker. I was already using my laptop to display a slide show of drawings, paintings, and illustrations, so I got out my Wacom tablet, opened Adobe Flash, and created this rather rough looking animation. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my table at Career Day.