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have a wonderful day

A simple animation I created with Animation Creator HD for Apple iPad. I thought I would try out animating on the iPad.  It is not as powerful as Flash or other animation software, but it is not bad for a version 1.0 program running on the iPad(there is also a version for the iPhone).  I would like to see it have layers and a way to resize items, but it was easy and intuitive to use.  Be warned that YouTube is sometimes stopping the animation before the circle erases itself completely. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

career day animation

Here is the short bird animation that I created on Career Day, after I ran out of the drawing paper I was using with my handy Sharpie marker. I was already using my laptop to display a slide show of drawings, paintings, and illustrations, so I got out my Wacom tablet, opened Adobe Flash, and created this rather rough looking animation. Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my table at Career Day.