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Career Day 2011

Career Day 2011

The kind students and staff of Riverdale Middle School invited me back to their annual Career Day. I had a wonderful time drawing pictures and answering questions for the students. Take a look at the video and see all of the bright young minds and faces. My daughter Callie shot and directed the video, which was no easy task with all of the eager students crowding around.

80 mini zines and 50 drawings

I attended my daughter’s Career Day this morning at her school, representing the career of “artist.”  I had a blast answering all of the questions the students had and sharing my inspirations and drawings.  I created 80 little mini zines/comics on why I choose to be an artist(pictured above) to hand out, and wished that I had been able to create 5 times that many to give to everyone.  I then ended up drawing and handing out 50 pieces of art, which was all of the sheets of paper in the art pad.  We then turned to the laptop and I drew a simple flip book style animation using Flash and my Wacom Tablet.  I will share the animation later today or tomorrow with everyone.  I would like to say a big thank you to the staff and students for having me.  I would also like to tell the students, that now matter wether your passion is art, sports, writing, the military, science, or a million other things, follow your passion and pursue a career that makes you happy.  Thanks again everyone.

ps.  If anyone that I drew a picture for at career day wants to send me a picture of you with your drawing, I would love to post it here on my blog.  Email me at: