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Even though I did not manage to get anything posted on the blog during November, I was drawing.  Like most artists, I have to create something every couple of days or I would go crazy.  In my case, perhaps just crazier than I am now.  Meh,  I’m ok with being crazy.  One day, I hope to have money, because then I will be eccentric.  Here are just a few of the things I was working on.

Chasing the Clouds Away

“chasing the clouds away”

The picture above is called, “Chasing the Clouds Away.”  It was influenced by my recollections of the Sesame Street theme song as a child.  Oddly, Sesame Street recently celebrated their 4oth anniversary.  My youngest daughter reminded me that I’m a year older than Sesame Street.  I love her all the same. 🙂

Bird with a Raygun

“bird with raygun”

The Bird with a Raygun continues my fascination with the retro ideas of the future and birds.  I draw on the whiteboard in my classroom on the days that I teach computer classes, and the drawing below started the illustration.

bird and raygun whiteboard drawing

bird and raygun whiteboard drawing

steam cars“steam cars”

“Steam Cars” could possibly be the car of tomorrow.  Ok, it is a steampunk future, but it could happen. 🙂