Andy and the Bees

When Andy McNally was a young boy, he became stranded in a field not far from his house. Fortunately a swarm of wild honey bees found him, and took him to raise as their own. “You can never have to many worker bees”, was their motto. He lived happily with the honey bees, until one day it became apparent to all of the other bees that he could not fly. Even though he easily brought home the most pollen everyday, he was voted out of the hive. Hearing a loud dull thud out in the field (see earlier mentioned voting, by angry pro-flight bees), his real parents rushed out of the house and rejoiced at finding the now grown boy. They celebrated by having a spot of tea, with fresh honey.

Alas, the bliss of the reunion was short lived. His parents learned that he had not discovered the secrets of making honey and most importantly that he could not fly. A vote was held, once again, and it was decided that he must leave home and find a job.


Chances are if you like the artwork found on this blog, then you will like what I can create for you.  I use traditional media, digital illustration, and Adobe Flash animation.  I also love to speak about my art, and share my knowledge through computer based training seminars.  Feel free to send me an email for freelance and commission based work: