Andy McNally

Andy McNally is an artist, illustrator, and avid sketchnote taker, or graphic recorder as some people prefer to call individuals who combine note taking with illustration. He has covered the Apple WWDC and Apple Special Events for iMore.com and CultofMac.com, covered the iBooks Author Conference, and the Adobe Max conference.

His other passions include children’s book illustration, drawing, and teaching yoga.  He could spend hours drawing the world around him and the cartoon characters that fill his imagination.

In addition to being an artist, Andy has been a passionate UX/UI design advocate since before there was a term for user experience. He has worked for many companies over the years both as an employee and a consultant, including Cardinal Health, FedEx, AutoZone, Fujitsu, Pfizer, the United States Air Force, G.E. Medical Systems, International Paper, Ascena, and Hilton Hotels.  His strong design sense, imagination, and user centered design approach have helped create both beautiful and useful products.

As an extra bonus, he has a hairless cat named, Minerva, and if he just had “some sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads,” who knows what he could accomplish.

If you would like to work with Andy on an illustration project, have him sketch note at your event, or speak at your event, please send an email to: