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galactic dessert quest - original art by andy mcnally

Avery the space explorer is on a galactic quest to find desserts throughout the galaxy.  Cupcakes are his favorite.

The theme for Illustration Friday this week is “dessert.”  I drew a couple of sketches, one of which is the image above.  The two primary sketches are begining to form a story, so I’m going to see where they go.  One of the important concepts that I have been embracing of late is to just run with an idea rather than try to censor it or guess whether or not it will be any good.  Like many artists, and everyone else, I have a habit of censoring myself.  The really cool thing about the technology we have at our disposal is that the cost of trying things out is almost next to nothing.  The easy part is to try something and see if it works.  The hard part is to give yourself permission to try.  Write yourself a note giving yourself permission to try out any idea you want, no questions asked.  If you ever doubt an idea or your inner monologue starts to list all of the possible problems with your new idea, get out the note, read it, and keep going.  Good luck.