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First off, it is almost Halloween. A few people have bought a copy of my Halloween Fun Coloring and Activity Book, and I want to say a big thank you. I’m working on a couple of new books, and I have learned a lot in this whole process.  The coolest thing about the whole process, is that I’m also getting wonderful artwork back from all of you.  Take a look at these pages colored by Katelyn.

Katelyn coloring page submission one
Katelyn, Age 4, Olive Branch, MS
Katelyn coloring page 2
Katelyn, Age 4, Olive Branch, MS

Who else has a coloring page they would like to share?

Did you draw Frankenstein with me?  Bill did. He used computer software like I did, but you can draw it on paper and color it in with crayons.  Here is Bill’s drawing, and my original concept artwork, which is on a spare piece of paper, for the “Let’s Draw Frankenstein” video tutorial.

Bill's Frankenstein
Bill, Memphis, TN (click image for original TwitPic image)
Let's Draw Frankenstein concept sketch - by andy mcnally
Let's Draw Frankenstein concept sketch

Finally, I wanted to share with you a color study, that I created in Photoshop, for an acylic painting I’m working on. It will be for sale soon. Let me know if you are interested.  Have a Happy, Fun, and Safe Halloween!!!

Red Bird color study by Andy McNally