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ART in your POCKET

The lovely team of ladies from Art is Moving sent me one of their ART in your POCKET portable drawing kits( to try out. Each Art in your Pocket comes with the 2″ x 3″ box to carry the 4 pieces of paper, pencil, pencil sharpener, eraser, sharpie, and 3 oil pastels(come in random colors). I was lucky enough to score the red and green oil pastels just in time for the Holiday season. This adorable kit fit perfectly in the outer pocket of my backpack and I’ve carried it everywhere with me. Now, I typically draw with a pencil, and there is one included, but the little Sharpie marker caught my attention and demanded that I draw with it. The pieces of paper are sturdy and have a shiny and matte finish side. I drew the little characters in the photo while having hot chocolate at several different coffee shop stops with friends. AIYP is both fun and inspirational. It inspires you to create art no matter where you are.

ART in your POCKET

Art in your Pocket would make a fun gift for the artist, student, or yourself. Also, for every sale they make 10% goes to donating art supplies and Art in your Pocket(s) to those who cannot afford them. The Art is Moving team has a mission:

Make a world where EVERYONE has access to art and makes art everyday.

I think this is a wonderful goal. Get the full details on the Art in your Pocket page: .

If your interested in one of my mini drawings, send me an email ( They are $5 each and include shipping. Happy Holidays.

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