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I picked up an Adonit Jot Classic stylus this week to use with my iPad. It is unique due to having a clear disc at the tip of the stylus, allowing the user to see their writing or drawing strokes. Most stylus have a thick tip which blocks elements from view. The clear disc was a very welcome feature for me and works very well in most cases. The Jot is a little heavier than many stylus options out there, but it is not a huge issue. Overall, I’m very pleased with the Jot Classic.


I used the ProCreate App, by SI, to create the image above and the app is an incredible artist tool with so many possibilities for a digital workflow. Procreate combined with the Jot Classic are the closest I’ve experienced yet to traditional sketching with paper and pencil. Procreate allowed me to sketch with ease, and then add layers for painting and color exploration.


I highly recommend both the Adonit Jot Classic and the Procreate App to anyone wanting a more traditional style experience on their iPad.


The image above is a semi-self portrait that I created yesterday. In my typical fashion, it is a happy reflection of the beauty of April showers, which bring growth and tranquility.



ps: I created this post with the WordPress iOS app for a completely tablet workflow. Yes, I’m a geek and an artist.