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dream girl - original art by Andy McNally

Another pen and marker sketch from my journal.  Only one marker was used this time around.  I thought about coloring it, but the concept in my head was of a dream, first and foremost, and the classic black and white photos from my childhood.  Black and white photos, and limited color art makes you stop and notice the details.  Your brain is not use to seeing things that way, so it looks other worldly to me.  The girl is no one singular person in particular, but certainly influenced by real life people, but that is the case with most of my art, wether consciously or unconsciously.  Life seems to creep into my art.  Sometimes it takes someone else to point it out to me.  The scarf was pointed out to me, to be a reference to a friend of mine.  I was oblivious to the reference during the creation of the piece, but now it seems so obvious.  I guess dreams can affect life and vice versa.