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The whale is back again, in today’s drawing from my Moleskine journal.  I used markers and india ink on this drawing.  I really liked the whale, from the last drawing, so he found his way into my thoughts again.  Oddly this drawing was not inspired by the Beatles’ song, “A Little Help From My Friends.”  The title and thoughts about the song came to me, along with a story, while coloring with the markers.  I love the smell of Prismacolor markers, but I digress.  It came to me, that the whale, now aptly named Ringo, and his friend the bird, now named John Paul(sorry George), are making a night time voyage, and making it through the night by relying on each other.  I think that their friendship is an even balance, so they are both helping each other in equal amounts.  The story was so vivid, that it made me reflect on the times in my life, when friends, family, and ordinary people helped me get by.  It is not enough to just accept the help, but as the song goes you have to try and do your part.  You have to be open to receive their gifts and really be grateful for the assistance they give you, wether it be stuff, advice, or just listening.  I have been truly fortunate all of my life to have people like that around me.  I’m dedicating this drawing to Kate, Stevi, and Mom.  Thank you for all of your help support, friendship, and love.

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  1. Thanks, Andy, it’s awsome. Like Stevi, I feel truly blessed as well to have you as a friend.


  2. Thank you, Andy. I’m sure Kate will agree that we feel equally blessed by your friendship, support, and kind words.


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