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zeros and ones - original art by Andy McNally

I’m still trying to bend the new pen to my will.  The process is getting better, and I’ve certainly learned several things not to do, like leave the tip touching the paper.  Like many of my drawings, a random image will pop into my head, that I need to explore visually.  Today, a man in a bunny suit appeared in my mind.  Yes, I know your thinking that I may be crazy, and you are probably right.  Anyway, the person in the bunny suit is more like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.  Something different appears, and you have to explore and see where it goes.  The title “zeros and ones” get it’s name from the Andrew Bird song, where zeros and ones are falling out of the heavens.  For me, it is symbolic of the computer terms, on or off.  Either you see and get the imagery and want to take an adventure with me, or you don’t.  Either way is fine, and neither right or wrong.  I’m following the rabbit, and seeing where the rabbit hole leads.  Your welcome to come along.  🙂