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“cupcake time” is my entry for this week’s Illustration Friday theme “time.”  All of the typical things came to mind, like being late, hurrying, and a clock, but they were not what I wanted.  A happy monster excited about cupcakes danced through my head, and demanded to be illustrated.  It is difficult to refuse a monster, they could eat you.  I obliged my new friend by using india ink filled Koh-I-Noor pens and watercolor.  I’m off to see if any of the cupcakes are left.

4 Replies to “cupcake time – illustration friday”

  1. thank you Sam. Your site is wonderful. I wish it was cupcake time all the time too, but I would probably have to do a lot more yoga to offset all of the sugary goodness. 🙂

  2. Yes, monsters come in all shapes and sizes. Most of them are nice and even helpful, but they all seem to want attention. Thank you for looking at my art.

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