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My first ever artistic collaboration.  My youngest daughter, said she had a drawing of a dinosaur that she wanted to show me.  I’m always happy to view other artist’s work, but especially when they are my daughter.  We both agreed that it was wonderful, and she said that it would make a wonderful shirt.  I asked if it would be alright for me to make a digital version, and the collaboration began.  After getting my clients approval on color choice, word placement, and minor changes, we ended up with the image above, and many smiles.  If you would like to get your own shirt, and overpower everyone who sees it with cuteness, please visit my CafePress shop and make a little girl proud.

Here is her wonderful original drawing.


4 Replies to “dinosaur collaboration”

  1. Thank you. We are glad to hear that you like it. What a wonderful suggestion, on the toddler clothes, I just added some toddler size items. Thank you!

  2. Too cute! I will have to order a Mousepad when pay day rolls around, I need a new one and I can never find one I like at the store. I also love Dinosaurs, I wish they had toddler size T-shirts so I could get one for my little one. Good job you two!

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