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“Intricate” is this weeks Illustration Friday theme.  I had a few different ideas for this topic, but after spending most of Monday and Tuesday driving in and between Memphis and Nashville, cars and roads were stuck in my head.  I had fun drawing the different vehicle designs.  Once again, I decided to turn my initial pencil drawing into a vector based illustration.  I’m looking for freelance illustration work, so if anyone has any leads or needs anything, please let me know.

Also I wanted to remind everyone that the Art Goodies Giveaway is still going and ends this Saturday March 14th , so leave a comment(leave the comment on the Goodies post) for a chance to win original art, pens, pocky, and drawing books.  Thanks for looking at my art, have a wonderful and creative week.

7 Replies to “intricate – illustration friday”

  1. Thanks Tristan. Nice catch on the clouds/exhaust. I wanted them to suggest that they could be either or both.

  2. Hey Andy, this is so cool! Makes me feel like a road trip….na I’ll just enjoy it thru your eyes and your wonderful artwork.

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