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“Talisman” is the theme this week on Illustration Friday.  The first thing that came to mind for me was Indiana Jones, and some mystic artifact.  My brain then made the leap to Saturday morning, when I was a kid.  Nothing was better than getting up early Saturday morning to watch cartoons.  Once I was big enough to climb up onto the counters, I began fixing my own bowl of cereal.  Every once and a while, if I was lucky, the cereal would have a prize inside of the box.  Finding the prize in the box of cereal was a little like finding an ancient treasure.  It is the love of those Saturday morning cartoons, that sparked my love of drawing and animation.  I fell in love with imagining something inside my head and then drawing it.  The best job title in the world, in my opinion, is Imagineer(a term given to the creators at Disney Studios).  I still love watching cartoons and animation.  I still love cereal too.  How about you?  Have a favorite cereal, or cartoon from growing up?

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  1. Thanks Tristan. I think the missing artist will turn up. Yes, the cereal manufacturers always knew, and still do, just the right prize to put in the box to get the kid’s attention. I still look to see what prizes are inside, when I’m on the cereal isle. My Canadian friends will certainly tell stories of me hunting for boxes with watches in them, a couple of years back. 🙂

  2. Cereals weren’t popular where I grew up but I would nag my mom to buy a box whenever I saw one that promised some kind of prize inside. Btw, hope the missing artist was eventually found!

  3. Thank you Michael. My parents use to fight the same loosing battle. My mother is an artist too, so she did not fight to hard, once she noticed that it made me want to draw more. 🙂

  4. I have so much admiration for you always doing the Illustration Friday topics Andy.

    I used to love Saturday morning TV too. I used sit in my pajamas (with my cereal) glued to the box. My mother would always nag me to get dressed and out into the fresh air. She was fighting a losing battle!

  5. That’s very funny. You have gotten right to the heart of a kid. The cereal company’s have gotten smarter. They put the prize at the top of the now. That way you don’t have to spill cereal everywhere to get to it. Great illustration.

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