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The illustration friday theme this week was “parade.”  My mind often takes fun turns, when I start drawing.  I thought about all of the typical parades, with floats and bands, but with the warm weather approaching, my thoughts turned to summer time parades.  The summer heat reminded me of the fun popsicles we enjoyed growing up, whether it was from the freezer or the crazy ice cream van in the neighborhood.  Have you ever wondered what goes on in your freezer, when the door is closed?  I know it probably just something that I think about.  I imagined a freezer full of parades and fun.  How else could a popsicle make you so happy unless they were fun loving themselves.  I was able to catch a quick snap shot of the party in my freezer.  I hope the image brings a smile to your face, because it was certainly fun to create.  Have a wonderful day full of imagination.

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