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The theme this week for Illustration Friday is “cracked.”  Eggs and things breaking came to mind first, but then I thought about the sad story of Hungry Bot.  Hungry bot is normally one of the nicest robots around.  He had been on a low-car diet for several days, and finally cracked due to the temptation of so many tasty cars and trucks.  In his defense, the local freeway did look like an all you can eat car buffet.

I’m having a huge sale right now on my original watercolor paintings in my Etsy Shop.  Also, my Zazzle shop is full of wonderful summer t-shirt designs.  I’m trying my best to develop my art and design work into a full time job, so if anyone needs some wonderful illustrations, art, or design work please let me know.  I would like to thank everyone for visiting, and for your support and encouragement.  Have a wonderful week.

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  1. Thank you Maya!!! I love your illustration for this topic also. Your colors and lines are beautiful.

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