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In the United States, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a grand summer holiday which brings to mind different summer past times like picnics, parades, barbecues, carnivals, food, concerts,baseball games, and most certainly fireworks.  The fireworks stands will be busy this week selling every kind of fireworks imaginable, so that the night sky will be filled with wondrous colors, shimmering lights, thunderous explosions, and more than a little residual smoke.  I’m filled with fond memories of the really stupid things we did with firecrackers growing up, and thankful that I have all of my fingers, and most of my hearing.  Wishing everyone here in the US a safe and happy Fourth of July holiday.

In my ongoing effort to bring the world around me to life, and honestly the world is a better place with a little animation, I created the cute little firecracker above.  Sadly I created him almost two weeks ago, but did not get around to the digital version until today.  My recent search for employment has kept me more than a little busy of late.


Above, I’ve included the original concept sketch.  Several people have expressed an interest in seeing the original drawings, so I will make an effort to try to include them.  It is fun to see how the idea evolves from sketch to completion.  Thankfully nobody can see the conversations that I have with these character during the process.  Oops, I’ve shared to much.  Oh, and the firecracker says to have a wonderful week. 🙂