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It has been far to long, since I last posted anything.  I’m making up for it with a multimedia extravaganza.  I have audio podcast below, and a slide show, above, featuring a whiteboard drawing series that I started.  Funny, I always say that I don’t draw large scale very well, and I’ve been doing just that over the last several weeks.  The whiteboard drawings came about as simply a need to express my creativity.  After accepting a new job recently, I’ve been trying to catch up and find time for my creativity, mixed in with adjusting to the new jobs schedule, in a city 120 miles from my home.  Reflecting back on the last several weeks, I’ve often thought that I have not drawn anything or had anytime to be an artist.  Looking at all of the images that I prepared for this post, it is obvious that was not true either.  The need for a job and money to pay the bills is important, and I’m incredibly thankful to have a job, but ultimately my goal is to make a living doing what I love, drawing.  Regardless of what any nay sayer may tell me, I know that it will happen.  It is only a matter of time.  Thank you all for your encouragement, patience, and love.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Create, Imagine, Explore.


Check out more of the Whiteboard drawings on my Flickr whiteboard photo stream.

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