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hello robot

Meet Hello Robot.  I believe his real name is A5T1E, but everyone calls him Artemas, or sometimes Arte.  He is one of my newest illustrations.  Artemas can’t help but bring smiles to everyone he meets, with his brightly colored paint job and friendly attitude.  He is a wonderful friend and exceptionally kind, caring, helpful, happy, and loving.  I want to be more like him.

artemas sketch

I’m in the process of making a few short stories with him in it, and making some designs with him saying hello in many different languages.  He is a robot after all, and can learn new things with both speed and ease.  Above is the original sketch for Artemas.  He was originally just going to be advertising my art work on my sites(thus his hand up, holding a sign), but after visualizing who he was and his personality, I realized that he was destined for more, like so many of us.