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atmosphere - original art by andy mcnally

The theme for this weeks Illustration Friday challenge is “atmosphere.”  I dreamed of a bird who was unable to fly, but found a way.  Whatever, your dream may be, I hope you find it.

Limitations can be placed on all of us, especially for artists and creative individuals.  “You can not be an artist, because there is no money in it.  You don’t want to go into that field because it will be boring, and on and on it goes.” All of these statements will be true if you believe them.  It simply takes a change of atmosphere to avoid the common trap of limiting yourself.  It is not easy to push against what people believe, especially people who’s opinions you may value.  People have various reasons for believing what they believe, but we each can choose to reject or ignore things that do not fit in with our own beliefs.  You can create your own atmosphere and mood, and rise above the limitations that other people might want you to have.  It is tough at first to distance yourself from those opinions, but with practice and perseverance you can create your own path, which is important as an artist, because there will be many critics and doubters along the way.

Here are few things that will help with negative atmospheres, whether they are created by someone else, or even your own inner voice.

  1. Don’t ask for someone else’s permission on an idea you have.  Try your idea and see what happens.
  2. If someone starts to criticize your work or idea(see step one if you asked them), politely change the subject.  If they don’t take the hint, thank them for their opinion, but tell them you would prefer not to talk to them about it.
  3. Stay positive.  Yes, I know, easier said then done.  Remember, you can choose your own atmosphere.  Choose to smile.  Choose to be happy.  Choose to be positive.
  4. Here is a really important one, for creating revenue and income.  The world is consuming more and more digital products, with little or no cost to try things out.  If there is a way to create your idea, art, or project digitally, go for it.  You don’t have anything to lose, but you might miss a lot by not trying.  The beauty of digital products is that if they don’t succeed, it is inexpensive to try out another idea.

These are some steps that have been helping me over the last few weeks.  You may have more ideas, and if you do, share them with everyone in the comments.  Oh, by the way, see step one, these are my ideas and I perfectly happy with them.  Good luck and be creative.

PS.  Don’t forget to enter for the chance to win a free Dinosaur Grocery Tote, ends Friday, September 3, 2010.  Good Luck.

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  1. Hi Andy,

    Love your illustration, the bird looks great and I like the way the blue of the sky lightens as it goes up, very atmospheric. Great take on this week’s them.


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