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Uncle Lewis - original art by Andy McNally
Uncle Lewis

Burning is the theme for Illustration Friday this week. The holidays are upon us, wether we are ready for them or not. One of the recent holiday movie classics the I like is Christmas Vacation(National Lampoons Christmas Vacation). If you think your Holiday is going bad, just remember it could be worse. The movie is full of family events and gatherings that do not turn out as planned. Uncle Lewis is the cigar smoking and bad toupee wearing uncle, who burns down the family Christmas tree, which I interpreted above. I like the movie because it reminds us that when things get tough or that life is not going our way that sometimes it is best just to laugh about it, especially during the holidays.

9 Replies to “Burning”

  1. Thank you Erin!! It was tough choosing just one scene to draw. I may be tempted to draw a few more before the holidays are over.

  2. Ha! Just kicked off my holiday season last night watching this movie with my family. A classic! Nice capture of one of the many memorable scenes.

  3. Thank you so much Jack. It is a hilarious movie. I’ve been working on Christmas stuff all week, thought about the movie. Uncle Lewis is pretty much a cartoon character to begin with, so that made my job easy.
    I love your take on the theme and the Great Chicago Fire conspiracy. That cow may have been framed. Your illustration is hilarious. The lighting is fantastic. Wonderful illustration.
    Everyone check it out:

  4. Hey Andy! I knew who and what this was as soon as I clicked on. After I stopped laughing hysterically and dried my tears I examined your illo a little closer. You really nailed the toupee, the pose and the expression! I love this movie!!

  5. Thank you for stopping by and the comment Annabella. You got love Uncle Lewis. He is a blissfully self-centered miser. He does need to watch out for that sewer gas though. 🙂

  6. Thank you. Christmas Vacation is my favorite of the lot as well. It seems just as funny today as the first time I watched it. Happy Holidays.

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