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Cousin Eddie - original art by Andy McNallyCousin Eddie is a strange phenomenon.

Cousin Eddie from the movie¬†Christmas Vacation(National Lampoons Christmas Vacation). I had such fun drawing Uncle Lewis, I thought I would try to draw a few more of the characters. What can you say about Cousin Eddie. He is crude, gross, and blissfully ignorant, however his heart is in the right place. Check out the movie if you haven’t seen it, and if you have, I’m sure you’ll agree, it is worth watching again. Remember to laugh and enjoy the Holiday season. Happy Holidays!!!

Also if your looking for a last minute gift, or something to occupy the kids during the Holiday break, check out my Christmas Coloring Book. Thanks.

5 Replies to “Phenomenon”

  1. It is such a funny movie. I’ve watched it twice this year already, and a few partial times to find reference pictures for the drawings. Have a Happy Christmas!!!

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