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Once more, I find myself an artist who is not drawing. I doodle in my notes at work, which is testimony to my desire to create and draw. It is like water or food for me. I need to draw, and if I go to many days without it, my spirit cries out. I both see and feel the effects in my life.

I’m blessed with a day job that I finally enjoy and I’m so very grateful. The purpose of my job is to provide financial freedom and stability for my family. It is a safety net. I imagine a time when my job is doing what I love and not needing any safety net. It takes a lot of courage to soar through the air reaching for the passion we want to follow in life, but it is possible.

The reality is that we do not need to wait. We can start anytime we choose to follow or passions, including today. We don’t need to wait for the right moment, because honestly there may never be a right moment. I’m not saying to quit your day job just yet, but it is possible to start in micro installments(see below for more on this) to create a life fueled by the thing, or things, that you love. What if you set aside a few minutes a day to do what you love… Would it refuel your soul? Would it make you feel better? Would it make you happy? If you answered yes, to just one of these questions, then it is worth it. Even if your goal is not to make a living from your passion, the pursuit of what makes you happy will enrich your life and those around you.

I hope you start today, even if for only a few minutes, to pursue what you love. It will be a beautiful journey and I wish you so much happiness.

ps. An excellent resource for creating a little bit at a time or micro installments can be found on the website of my talented friend Michael Nobbs,