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scientist - original art by Andy McNally

I had to take a consulting job to pay the bills, since my art is not paying all of the bills, yet.  The keyword is yet, because I have absolute faith that I will make my complete living from my art soon.  Anyway, the point is that between the job and driving an hour and a half to Memphis each way, my drawing time has suffered, and I will have to make changes and balance out my schedule.  What do I do until, I can find balance, draw on my lunch break, or in a meeting, or anywhere a few seconds can be sparred.  In regards to the meeting, the meeting should either be more interesting, or maybe they should not have knowingly hired a creative person. 🙂

The scientist was a sketch that came to me because, I really would like a time machine, or a flying car, or a get rich machine, or just sharks with freaking lasers on their heads.  Maybe if I create the scientist, he will create the rest.

Hope to have more posts soon, and tomorrow is Illustration Friday.

One Reply to “scientist, freaking lasers”

  1. Okaay, do we need to start searching the graveyards or laboratories for spare parts…I really like this scientist fellow! We need to bring him to life if you think that he could help us out with any of the afore mentioned machines or tricked out sharks! Feel free to call me Egor..or was it Igor!! lol!

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