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Here is a vector version of the sketch from last week.  I’m calling the picture “little monster.”  I used Adobe Flash to create it, since I’ve been using Flash so much over the last few weeks consulting.

Little monsters seemed appropriate, since it often seems like there is always a little monster lurking somewhere in our day to day lives, trying to upset the rhythm of life.  My little monster lately has been not being able to draw and paint, since I’m busy consulting and the 3 hour daily commute.  I think the important thing with any monster is not to feed it, so that it does not become a big monster.  If you are half or mostly crazy like I am, you will make friends with your little monsters, and have conversations with them, which is why I’m really surprised that he has not told me his name yet.  He has steadily reminded me to draw and be creative everyday.  I bet his name is Art. 🙂

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  1. I have a little monster very similar to this one, except mine is blue. He has a name, I call him, BRAIN. I have had many conversations with him and warned him on occassion that if he did not shut up and stop bothering me, I would be forced to stab him with a Q-tip! That seems to shut him up for awhile.

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